Australian Cattle Dogs are white

ACDs and ASTCDs are  white dogs (except for any solid colour patches). Pups are white at birth. Colour intensity commonly (but not always) increases with age and varies from one part of the dog’s body to another.

These colour changes are under the control of the ticking gene. The ticking gene, T, causes speckling or mottling of colour (black or red) to develop over the white by increasing the proportion of coloured (black or red) hairs versus white. Continue reading

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Australia’s Cattle Dogs: a short history

Today (2018) there are two distinct Australian cattle dog breeds recognised by kennel clubs: the Australian Cattle Dog and the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog. Both originate from a single breed, the Halls Heeler, developed by Thomas Simpson Hall (1808-1870) at Dartbrook station, in the Upper Hunter valley of New South Wales. Read More

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Dalmatian Myth

During the first half of the twentieth century Robert Kaleski was the great authority on the Australian Cattle Dog breed and, as time went by, questioning his authority amounted to heresy. Kaleski, however, developed a breed mythology (ADCB p.22-26, 139-140). The Dalmatian myth has proven particularly resistant. Setting aside the various discussions in ADBC, visual evidence questions the Dalmatian ancestor. Read More

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